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on the foot map tours 4 No. 17 Boston against the Celtics in the regular season last opponent wizards in the game, Captain Rajon Rondo on foot against Anta for his special production of ANTA Rondo 1 "Boston Strong" shoes. Design inspiration from a year ago the Boston marathon bombings, black and white Yuanyang, printed on the shoe bombing victim's initials, join the marathon number on the blue and yellow tongue detail, from the aspects of emphasis on this pair of shoes to commemorate the Boston marathon bombing theme. read a pair of shoes, two personalities / Jordan, CP3.VII, AE, avatar, doctor, now available, gentleman's choice, /CHURCH'S 2014, SS, COLLECTION, red sports car, /Nike 2014, summer Flyknit, Racer, new color series counts 10 double [future sense] sneakers hybrid Wars: M577, VS, MT580 re engraved back / Adidas Originals is about to be re engraved, Mutombo 2 Wei little new favorite / Russell Westbrook Pro Air Jordan XX9 thunder team home PE reviews on an article: "return / Adidas Originals" is about to resume, Mutombo 2 next article: Wei little new favorite / Russell Westbrook, pro Air Jordan XX9 thunder team home PE As one leading sport shoe brand within the sport, Nike bring us many significant amounts of exce Cheap air jordan 12 ovo llent sneakers,while the air jordans sizike are designed with all the firewire on the interior part, which seek to boost the players plus runners youngster's energy, this version is reasonably suitable for many one which love this extreme sports activities,expecially the basketball activities. 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Jordans Spizike Are Especially Suitable F cheap jordans for sale or Sports Activities" /〉 This article is from[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] social and environmental strategies are rooted in the adidas Group corporate values ??- performance, passion, integrity and diversity. It builds on the achievements and experience over the years, considering a variety of changes in the social environment and global trends, and with the overall business development of the Group echoes. It reflects the feedback we get from the various stakeholders at a clear set our goal. illustrates our strategy we will put focus on the main and core business areas of energy and resources: The environmental sustainability applied to all products, processes and services sectors, so in our value system significantly improve environmental protection efforts, and actively enhance business performance. effectively manage business risks and supply chain social responsibility. Social Responsibility Category positive tendency to expand, but also because of increased diversification and spread after the control plane relationship becomes more complex; internal and external to expand our participation - in our supply chain system within the industry and in cooperation with others, the application of new ideas and better coop Retro jordans for sale eration, work together in order to progress. In each of our business market has become the top leader following the personnel and space management, world-class and one of the top ten employers who hire, thereby create their own trip the industry's best and most efficient in the workplace. By supporting real projects to meet local needs, promote the progress of the communities where we are. Environmental Sustainability Based on a number of early environmental projects, the Group's management in 2010 adopted an environmental strategy. To further enhance our competitiveness and improve overall business performance, the strategy aims to integrate environmental ponder our daily operational work. 2015 environmental strategy's goal is, whether it is from the development and production processes of innovation and product design, or we import from operating retail and other sales channels, greatly enhance environmental protection efforts of our group each value chain. We have identified measurable targets by 2015, and will target an annual assessment of progress. Supply Chain Social Responsibility Supplier factory workers play a central role in our project. It is for their welfare and working conditions of care, we developed a "Workplace Standa Cheap air jordans for sale rds", and set up covering all adidas Group brands liability management system. Our supply chain is huge, multi-layered and rich and varied. We have detailed supplier relationship management solutions. We also continue on how our suppliers and indirect supply chain incorporated directly into the system to develop the program. The following list is the relationship between our supply chain strategy an important part: by the adidas Group's global purchasing department directly manage supplier relationships. In the procurement cost per unit, these vendors accounted for about 75% of our procurement operations. indirect purchasing relationships with agents and authorized vendors. Indirect procurement relationship and manage their own procurement services unit of the adidas Group entities. stakeholder involvement As a company, we do not operate in isolation, but through careful listening, responses and interaction, from internal and external stakeholders Obtain feedback. We are not only linked with the company's internal staff, but also with external linkage, such as government, civil society, investors, analysts, customers and industry partners. Many aspects of the Group sustainable development projects are in the discussion with stakeholder cheap jordan shoes for men s closely worked out, as our group reporting and information disclosure, internal audit and confirmation of the supplier factory labor issues to government departments to reflect the needs of the system sexual problems and so on. Within the company, we will find a suitable and innovative ways, the ideas and methods of implementation of sustainable development to the interior. Outside the company, we seek innovative ways of cooperation and partnership, promoting progress, and to improve the workplace environment. Our staff We understand that employees are the key to our business success. We can inspire our efforts to create a team spirit, enthusiasm, involvement and sense of accomplishment of the work environment. We advocate a strong leadership built on performance culture, employee compensation and group and individual achievement directly linked. We aim to continue to provide opportunities for career development of the employees, but also promote diversity and encourages global mobility. We are also very clear the importance to continue to attract and recruit new employees joined the adidas Group. In this so-called "war for talent" era, it is important that we become a world-class employer. To achieve this goal, we publish the train pote cheap foamposites ntial employees innovation projects. We are working hard among the top ten best employers in the key markets of the operation, intended to create a motivating and attractive work environment. Community As a multinational, the adidas Group can be found in many countries, and its impact on the business community where people live. Despite the possible ways to participate in helping the project or community projects are many, but to understand the localization needs of the community is a challenge. Therefore, since all the branches of the staff aware of the needs of the most understanding and cultural sensitivity to their local communities, so we took a non-centralized model of each brand its own implementation of community projects. These community projects led by the brand with Adidas & middot; Dassler Fund, Reebok Corporate Responsibility projects and TaylorMade - adidas Golf, under the name of charity projects. From the terms of the Group level, we continue to support the communities in which suppliers, and organizations that promote the sustainable development of the industry to do their part. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)Dries van Noten in Antwerp designer before Antwerp Royal Academy of Art cheap jordans for sale mens s in front of interactive panels Source: Suzy Menkes / Instagram You can load the Belgian fashion pictures and videos via the touch screen. First, I point a bit "Martin Margiela", there has been a lot of pictures and a number of memorabilia above; after I ordered a "Walter Van Beirendonck", wild plaid jacket and a striped knit dress greeted instant publicity. After from the entrance to the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp MoMu Fashion Museum outside the digital walls, Dries Van Noten and finally click on his name, its quality is evident. When visitors enthusiastically asked Dries Van Noten "Can I talk to your co-Zhang Ying it?", He remained humble attitude. Then, when I step on the college heights overlooking the city, to see Walter (and Dries Van Noten with one of the "Antwerp Six") and students of the judges, but found Dries quietly walked into a Bookstore. Antwerp, Belgium, dock port duties, tall, narrow houses proportioned, always fascinating - and I'll aim here, just to list "inspiration (Inspirations)" true appearance of the exhibition. Although I have three degrees Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, visited the exhibition Dries Van Noten, but I am still curious about the Dries will happen in his hometown presents extraordinary fus cheap jordans online ion of art and fashion. Dries Van Noten 97/98 Winter Series Source: Kurt De Wit This exhibition of that scale smaller than France, but also quieter - it's not a simple pile of exhibits. However, the person at the scene of Dries let me think more deeply about what he wanted to express in the end. We discussed the 1981 movie "Chariots of Fire" (Chariots ofFire) on male fashion, he commented:. "The film changed the perception of British menswear and sportswear entire romantic view" Then we came to Damien Hirst's work, "Nabi kaleidoscope." When I indulge when its numerous colors and artistic arrangement among, Dries says, "I wanted to use it, for example, to remind you to be more in-depth observation: At first glance, you'll see the beautiful art of Damien Hirst skills; again a look, you will find that it is the body pulled out from the hundreds of butterfly wings glued on the canvas. You'll feel beautiful, but sometimes you will feel bad. " Dries Van Noten 10/11 Winter Series Source: Kurt De Wit The exhibition exciting is that: exhibits display mode surprise, even called shocking. Factors such as the beam waist, wide skirt classic suit Bar Jacket Christian Dior and Yves Klein how will the famous "Klein Blue" and Dries design Retro jordans for sale windbreaker pants something to do? 1947 Christian Dior Spring-Summer 18 meters of material Mini Set Bar Tailleur (silk coat and wool pleated skirt) show In the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts Source: Jean Tholance Topic This section is the "punk", annotated: "resistance and changes in social behavior standards brought us creative spark, contrary to the established tradition allows us to break the shackles of the form, you can enjoy laughing at us made that is, but you can not stop us create a new image. "We can feel the designer's thought process in the whole exhibition, is fantastic! VanNoten some very literary point of view not so much, as it is very practical. His talk about the "first impression", and explains how to change the Internet through the entire process of the fashion show. Before the fashion show from the beginning to the climax is a slow process, but now, "the first impression is that you want something elaborate, because that moment will determine whether the users friends" click. "You can Style. com to know how many people click on the link and then click on the browser, so you can really understand that they are part of you spend much time. " 57-year-old Dries also in other ways showed his pragmatic and poetic side. Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping He told me, Madame Gr & egrave; s 1943 issued in a beautifully cut suit, although only two and a half meters of fabric, but in his opinion, it does not lose femininity and luxury of Dior's Bar & nbsp; Jacket-- this sets of clothing materials up to 18 meters, some women even had also rushed to the streets of Paris therefore angrily complained they wasted material. In this exhibition in Antwerp, all clothing with a sense of history comes from the decorative arts museum, and Dries might come from that part of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts. But these are derived from the fact that the clothing itself Dries Van Noten diverse thinking, and his close relationship with the artists. huge database containing interactive touch screen wall, there are a variety of information about Belgium Source: Suzy Menkes / Instagram & nbsp; a presentation of "& nbsp; isses" picture window used some from the 1968 movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" (Thomas Crown Affair), some from Man Ray or Robert Doisneau's photographs. Another window showing the New Zealand film "The Piano" (The Piano), which inspired the designer's inspiration, with a skirt made of plastic materials, manufacture Ocean bubble effect - that is, all things are wet da da, slimy and tightly close to the body. Dries of "thinking train" shuttle piecemeal to those who inspired him "dirty wind (grunge)" a place of inspiration, from KurtCobain to Lucian Freud's studio, and then withered flowers and his own signature "fancy dress": checkered shirts, coats and men's dinner service. And when I tried to keep up with the train, I felt dizzy. Men wear clothes more seductive floral - from the Louis XV era to the 1960s Jimmy Hendrix, and then print surf shorts, floral decoration style clothing has been very popular - subsequently, Dries with me and his partner Patrick Vangheluwe lunch when bathing in the summer sun, told me about his own garden, but I was fascinated. We are passing through the exhibition is divided into two parts channel, have not had time to breathe, a sudden surge of flowers nostrils. Wall passage by the Tolaas design inlaid with interactive olfactory board --Tolaas born in Norway, grew up in Berlin, he is an artist. Then we quietly watched the slow-motion movie. art exhibition hall dazzling, dizzying. I had to ask Dries select the most outstanding works. He recommended the Spanish region Crist & oacute; bal Balenciaga show "black, white, and precise tone" theme of the works, as well as the Australian rock singer Nike Cave cater to suits. I found visual juxtaposition and thinking in parallel throughout the exhibition. For example, Bollywood colorful pair of gray minimalist Jil Sander; and Belgium Personal Tailor Dior princess quiet and elegant as the Indian sari-like dress skirt. I have been asked at Dries is how, after Paris, Antwerp added more than half of all new work situation, once again successfully organized museum exhibitions. During the exhibition, there is Van Noten specially woven carpet of green lawn, now has the right to exhibit the museum. He said: "If you want to hold a high-quality exhibition, to do the preparatory work too much, and now I am more willing to put their energy into the creation of new work up." After that, we will leave the MoMu fashion museum in Antwerp and went Dries Van Noten beachfront studio, he's so energetic and vigorous, so I was surprised. Dries van Noten office window view Image Editor: Suzy Menkes / Instagram His pet dog Harry "warm" welcome us. Then, we took a look around at the office building on different floors, each floor has a team of almost work - either in writing, either to deal with other matters: a stack of fabric finishing; or embroidery procurement process just India or creative arts painting on the screen. menswear show in Paris this month, has been successfully concluded, the women's collection for next season is in full swing. Dries Van Noten desk on fresh flower arrangements Source: SuzyMenkes / Instagram I had promised not to take pictures, and will see and hear this line of secrecy - especially paintings - otherwise there may have been those of its competitors use. The only thing I can take pictures is a long wooden table in a vase, which contests a variety of summer flowers - purple, pink, red, orange, and everything - green leaves lining flowers, unusual aesthetic. Dries said, "These flowers are from my own garden pick." recently Sweden a buddy's video online in the fire: it is said that may be because Nordic welfare too good too boring, so buddy of his tricycle scooter were a modification, tied the two carbon dioxide fire extinguishing device up when the engine. Then, press the switch, the gorgeous droplet spray, white smoke rushing forward... need to be reminded, Xiaobian again and again to watch video, also did not see the goods by the signs of how advanced control mechanism, so, it is very likely that, buddy is directly with the buttock pressure... That ass hissing and didn't stop jet of white smoke scene, you feel the next...,